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And Fitness At A Glance

And Fitness At A Glance

Understanding of health and fitness is a must, along with financial awareness. In my professional life I am an Industry Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, with a keen interest in doing my part to address the growing problems of Depression & Family Obesity through a better understanding of the “whole Person” in Health and Fitness. Understanding the Cardiorespiratory System and Cardiorespiratory Training Zones. The maximum entropy of a bounded physical system is finite. A bright yellow skin tone can indicate damp heat, while pale yellow is a sign of damp cold due to deficiency. Alcoholics often have redness in this area due to damp heat in the spleen caused by the heat generated in that organ by alcohol. Redness in the face indicates heat: If the entire face is red, it is a sign of excess heat, while red cheeks alone are a sign of deficiency heat. “Friendship requests” I get on Foursquare are mostly from: people with whom I’ve had relatively significant interactions in the past, people who were already significant parts of my second-degree network, or people I had never heard of.

The location of color on the face also has diagnostic significance as in the example of kidney deficiency: The black appears below the eyes and is often seen in people who don’t get enough sleep or push themselves too hard, both practices that deplete the kidneys of qi, yin, and yang. Fatigue – Assuming there is no underlying medical condition, the best way to fight fatigue is to get good sleep and get it at the right hours. Inspecting the quality of the spirit (shen) is an important aspect of this first impression, since the shen gives a good indication of the overall vitality of a person. But the very first commercial nuclear power plant was just up and running when the House of Tomorrow opened. Bright red lips can indicate heat, pale lips can be a sign of qi or blood deficiency, and blue lips can be due to cold or blood stagnation. When the body of the tongue is much redder than normal, it is a sign of excess heat, while a slightly redder tongue body is a sign of deficiency heat.

While it is necessary to learn the individual diagnostic patterns, it is crucial to remember that any sign or symptom must be viewed in relation to the whole person. For example, fatigue is a symptom of qi or blood deficiency, but fatigue is also a symptom in a case of wind cold. A bright (shiny), white face can indicate deficiency of qi or a cold condition, while a dull, pale face with no shine is a sign of blood deficiency. A purple tongue can indicate qi or blood stagnation, while a blue-tinged tongue indicates stagnation and severe deficiency of qi and blood. Faded, sparse, and dry hair indicates weak kidney qi or blood, while lustrous, thick, and shiny hair is a sign of strong kidney qi and sufficient blood. For example, a woman experiencing menopause may have hot flashes, night sweats, thirst, and irritability; this group of symptoms leads to a diagnosis of kidney yin deficiency with heat.

Tall, sinuous females may make for good swimmers, while taller and stockier females may excel at athletics, such as the hammer throw. It can, therefore, assist with itchiness and sunburn, while inside it is a good way to get rid of heartburn. But it has allowed me to treat myself the way I deserve. A pale tongue body indicates a syndrome of deficiency or cold. A person with internal heat may be scantily clad in the winter, while a person with internal cold might wear a sweater in the summer. Other than that, on the off chance that you have a high-hazard pregnancy, you may need to get complete rest. Diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine may appear to be simply a grouping of symptoms, but the elegance of Chinese medicine is that a diagnosis automatically indicates a treatment strategy. Since standard formulas are available for this pattern, such as Rehmannia Teapills, an accurate diagnosis enables a practitioner to prescribe a treatment that has been proved safe and effective for thousands of years.

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