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If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Health Philosophy Now!

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Health Philosophy Now!

3. Draw on strategies such as Change 4 Life and the more recent Start 4 Life, aiming to inspire anyone working with families and encourage everyone to eat well, move more and live longer. So many of our clients have tried diet after diet after diet before working with us, and they shared similar fears before signing up to work with us. But it doesn’t work that way. Then in late 2019, after being introduced to our new FAA contact, we were informed that they were beginning work on the drafting of language and at a point, we would no longer be able to discuss this issue with the FAA. Subsequent to our FAA point of contact being reassigned, the BFA was left without contact for over a year. Being physically fit reduces your risk of various diseases such as colorectal cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. The BFA stands behind this decision as it has minimal effect on risk to the flying public and a student pilot is not considered to be a paying passenger. While this one Albuquerque accident does represent a risk to paying passengers, it is a singular example only, of an accident investigation that produced illegal substances in the pilot’s toxicology report (as yet not verified formally by a final report issuance from NTSB as this information was improperly released prior to the final NTSB report).

Further, the final report for the Lockhart accident stated that it did not find illegal drugs in the pilot’s toxicology report, so a random drug screening, which focuses on illicit or illegal drugs, would not have found these substances, and would likely not have turned up the other medications that he was taking. Further, it is our position that pilots conducting other types of commercial balloon operations, those that do not involve passengers for hire, should be exempted from any medical requirement. In short, the BFA, industry, and the FAA had recognized the need to improve passenger safety in balloon ride operations, prior to the actions of Texas Senator Cruz and Congressman Doggett’s legislation to amend 14 CFR FAR 61.3 and 61.23 to require “all” commercial balloon pilots to have a second class medical. The BFA is aware of at least two such actions within the last two years. The number as researched by BFA and presented to our FAA representative prior to 2018 numbers over 3000. This information is not contained in this section of the NPRM, nor are conversations with BFA, as the provider of the information, mentioned.

3. While it is possible that a drug test on the recent Albuquerque fatal accident, in which 5 people, including the pilot were killed, might have identified the presence of drugs in the pilot’s system, random drug testing must be conducted through an organization or consortium and adding over 3000 new balloon pilots to that system would tax the ability of any system to function efficiently. Yet in the investigation conclusions, it states that; “The pilot was not under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at the time of the accident, and his high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia did not affect his performance. Research say that various disease states can be prevented or in many cases significantly delayed. For example, someone who is obese considering their body weight may be considered fit if they can still run a marathon, but they would not be considered healthy because of the negative effects obesity has on the body. The majority of balloon pilots have never been familiar with the requirements of obtaining an FAA medical, thus they will not be in the same category as the airplane pilot, who knows from day one that there are certain medical requirements to be met and that there may be disqualifying conditions which would not allow them to pursue a career in aviation.

With only 54 accidents in 10 years and only 4 fatal accidents, there is no statistical justification for the rulemaking. Many of the conditions that may have disqualified a pilot medical applicant 10 or 15 years ago, may now allow a pilot to be issued a medical. You may charge hourly, daily, or monthly rates, and offer both free use of the space and guided instruction. Many famous weight lifters use this technique. Credits will not be issued for use of promotional material accessed on user’s regular LexisNexis ID. This time will be completely insufficient to accommodate the much larger number of pilots than the FAA anticipates applying for a medical under the present proposed rulemaking. A much more common infection carried by mosquitoes is malaria. The rules of strategy games can be simple or complex, but what they all have in common is that players need to look ahead, plan and then carry out a strategy in order to win. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT USED: Common computer and networking industry tools.…

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