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Learn the way I Cured My Health & Fitness In 2 Days

This coursework builds a solid foundation for educational and career interests such as athletic training, physical education, exercise science, exercise physiologist, sport psychologist, strength coach, dietician/nutritionist and associated allied health and medical careers. Increase your strength and stamina with ladder workouts. Explore our Past Live Themed Workouts and kick start your fitness at home. If you missed a live training session or loved a specific workout, explore our free video library of past Instagram Live themed workout sessions and kick start your fitness at home. Missed a Training? Loved a Workout? If you are looking to develop your speed and agility, join EXOS Performance Specialist, Coach Julius in these movement skills development training sessions. No matter how white and male Classics once was, we are not that anymore. The Humane Society of the United States has been campaigning for development of a universal RFID reader that vets could use to read a pet’s microchip, no matter its manufacturer or year of manufacture. Sagar officially launched Gleantap in 2018 and sold his software services startup later that year. The health & fitness software industry is fragmented with legacy tools and outdated me-too applications for single function. Our founder, Sagar Babber ran a custom software services company since 2008 and worked with numerous small & medium businesses helping them solve business problems with custom software solutions.

The Choose This Not That series are an excellent step towards improving people’s knowledge in this area.” Shahin Tabatabaei, MD Mass General Hospital; Harvard Medical School “The Choose This Not That series of apps provide dietary recommendations focused on common chronic health problems. For our B2C on-demand marketplace we see a total available market of 1 Billion subscribers worldwide and with a $10/mo price point we are looking at potential of $120B. It also enables businesses to host virtual on-demand & live content through a branded portal. Gleantap provides a complete business toolkit to enable sales, marketing & support functions for businesses in the health & fitness domain. Gleantap leverages this intelligence to run powerful marketing campaigns, improve sales processes and provide automated & personalized customer support. It uses artificial intelligence to learn customer behavior, preferences and the path to customer delight. A single integrated platform that leverages customer data intelligence to acquire, engage & retain customers and deliver content virtually. Gleantap replaces these tools to streamline your fitness business, unlocking the power of data & AI. Gleantap was initially an intelligent marketing platform that unified data from multiple sources such as POS, CRM, Check-Ins etc and created a single view of the customer and used adaptive segmentation to automate journey based campaigns across multiple channels.

In addition to the B2B offering, Gleantap is planning to launch a Netflix-style OTT wellness marketplace connecting trainers & experts from across the globe to fitness & well-being enthusiasts. Medical cannabis patients now can place an order without their medical card, and more updates to NJ cannabis rules as well as the launch of a new NJCRC website. Details on interpreting FITNESSGRAM reports can be found in the section on Interpreting Reports. We’ll discuss what type of care is provided through assisted living in the next section. Your participation in any physical activity or exercise program (“Exercise Activities”), which are conducted outside of our fitness center (including locations such as your home) (the “Center”), as provided by UCLA Health Sports Performance, Powered by EXOS. Influencer marketing platforms such as Grin and BuzzSumo are great for finding the right influencer for your campaign. While email marketing promises a good return on investment, sending irrelevant, dull, or random emails can lead to your email lurking in their spam folders. Click “Unsubscribe” in any email to opt out. Check out our video archives of Instagram live workout classes, free guided workouts, and nutrition education below.

Free fitness classes, virtual training sessions, exercise breakdown, training drills, nutrition tips, webinars, and more! Join EXOS Performance Specialist Julius Charles in these practical training sessions to work on your exercise technique. Join EXOS Registered Dietitian Paige Foote to explore easy nutrition strategies that optimize your health. Join our practical movement sessions to upgrade your exercise technique, improve your form, and gain confidence at home, in the gym, and on the field. Join EXOS Performance Specialist Evan in a series of guided videos to increase flexibility, improve balance, and decrease pain. Our EXOS Performance Specialists offer 3 – 30 minute sessions every Wednesday. Our EXOS Performance Specialists offer 3 – 30 minute sessions every Tuesday. Our EXOS Performance Specialists offer 3 – 30 minute sessions every Monday and Friday. Our EXOS Performance Specialists offer 3 – 30 minute sessions every Thursday. 2 new sessions will be posted every week. We will explore commonly sore and painful areas of the body to relieve tight muscles and encourage functional mobility. They can be done with traditional weights, or you can load up your backpack with books for a full body workout. We will explore commonly sore and painful areas of the body and guide you through soft tissue, mobilization, and stability exercises to help relieve tight muscles and encourage functional mobiltiy.

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