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The War Against Fitness

Source: Public Health England (PHE) National Obesity Observatory. Obesity is linked with heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, emotional struggles and mental health issues, stroke, sleep apnea, diabetes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, varieties of cancer, poor cholesterol, and possibly early death. Unlike standard health articles/tips, the coach understands your daily routine and suggests accordingly. Goqii: Goqii is not just an App, but a combination of fitness band, tracking App & a personal coach for guidance. Healthy lifestyle coach for women to help create a lifestyle of happy & healthy! Recent research is starting to confirm the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. With mental health’s significance catapulted beside physical health’s, it is relevant to include this facet of fitness in your health assessment. Give the Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise demo a try and carry over your progress to the full game, once purchased! Try taking a walk for 30 minutes after dinner instead of watching television. People seek out video as a teaching tool: take that as inspiration for your own content calendar and produce videos that walk viewers through how to use your product or service. MapMyRide: I started cycling in 2013 and realized that I need a more advanced app to track my cycling activities to take into account the elevation, speed, effort & surface type for accurate calorie loss analysis.

It’s a way to track your active time in a day, which can include walking, doing household work, climbing stairs, cycling or running. I used this app primarily to track how many floors I am climbing. Argus: Yet another activity tracker App ☺ By now, you must have known my obsession with such apps. I am not a fitness freak, neither do I have a great body, but I like to keep my weight in check to avoid going back to my obese days. Check the graph below, I lost more weight & inches despite consuming higher calories. It is now Tuesday, the 30th and I still don’t have an e-mail confirmation indicating that the part has shipped out to me, and the “check order status” still indicates my order status is pending. After being routed to someone “who could fix my bike,” a part was put on order, some kind of card reprogramming device because of course, they can’t figure out what’s going on with my bike, and I guess apparently they didn’t really want to send someone to look at it.

I called UTS on 6/23/20 to inquire about the part that was ordered because I still hadn’t received it. I called UTS to get my bike fix. Draw out what you’ve done so far, and brainstorm different ways to fix the issue at hand. Okay. Whatever. I called UTS again so they can send someone to fix my bike. Another side benefit of this App is to find out the time I spent in my car from point A to B. This App is not for privacy conscious as it charts your daily movement (both on foot & vehicle) on the map which can reveal a lot about your day if accessed by someone else. It’s a rate at which I am burning my calories in a day. While it became easier with time, it’s not a particularly seamless or intuitive experience. While Argus is yet another step tracker, but one feature for which I use Argus in conjunction with other Apps is the basal calorie meter throughout the day. It tells me the basal calorie level at any point in a day. 1. Just helped me count my calorie intake.

I was too lethargic to do any physical exercise so I decided to take an easy route of reducing my calorie intake. You will be amazed at your intake if you input every single food/drink item. 4. I was routinely adding every food item in this app for several months and trying to stay close to 1200 calories (Note: I am not recommending eating 1200 calories. This app Also increases Your energy levels, enjoys vibrant health and loses weight. I tried to lose weight in-between, but was highly unsuccessful despite upping my physical activities like cycling & step count. Moves: This App tracks your daily movements like walking, running or cycling and gives you an approximate calorie loss. Human: Came across this activity tracking App featured by Apple recently. I’ve been asked a few times how I use my Apple Watch. I was 90 kilos way back in 2009 and decided to cut down few kilos. For almost 5 years, I maintained my weight between 78-80 kilos.

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